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Wave Point Surf  &  Surf Leadership

The Wave Point Surf Leadership Initiative was born out of a need to raise and develop future leaders using surfing as the vehicle. 

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U18 Boys Round 1 Heat 4 - Lorenzo Perels (4).JPG
U18 Boys Round 1 Heat 4 - Lorenzo Perels (4).JPG
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About the project


4 days a week over 70 frothing surfers, girls and boys, attend the surf leadership program focussed on leadership, education, surfing and skateboarding.

The Program:

1. Leadership

"Everything rises and falls on leadership"

We believe that in order to affect change in our nation we need leaders with integrity, compassion and good character.

Therefore, whether in the water or out the water, leadership is the focus. 


Our Education sessions focus on assiting surfers with reading, extra math classes, homework assistance and exam prep. These sessions are facilitated  by our highly qualified teachers.


3.Surf & Skate

Our Surf & Skate sessions focusses on mental well being and pro-social behaviour. 

4, Advance Surf coaching.

This elite Surf-Specific Training program features our best promising surfers who have shown leadership qualities and improvement in their surfing. We coach our athletes to get the best results through surf conditioning, nutrition, fitness and having a winning mindset. 

The program:

  • Mindset Coaching 

  • Surf Specific Fitness Conditioning

  • Advanced Surf Coaching with video analysis

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